Still Life Rug
Still Life Rug
Still Life Rug
Still Life Rug
Still Life Rug
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Still Life Rug

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Still life has always been one of my favourite ways of expression in painting and photography, so it inevitably got a place in this collection as well. I used some of the sketches from the ceramic vases collection as an inspiration for this piece.

The still life rug is meticulously handcrafted by artisans using a technique added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

100% Romanian sheep wool

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, the final colour and dimensions may differ slightly from those specified.

Imperfections: Our production is 100% artisanal. Sometimes orders can be delayed by few days. Each piece is unique, shapes and colours may vary slightly.

Ethically Made: We care for the artisans working with us so we feel a responsibility with them and their families, our prices ensure the fair payment of each one of them.

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